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“Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown goes deeper than deep on life’s thorniest issues with celebrity friends, fans, and followers. Listen for powerful doses of Karamo wisdom, including inspiring conversations to help you heal and grow.


What is Mental Health's Role in the Workplace? ft. Nicholas Pinnock

Free Episode33 mins

“Mental health isn’t black and white” is a statement Nicholas Pinnock uses to start conversations around mental health with friends, family, and coworkers. The award-winning English actor and star of the hit drama “For Life” gets candid about his journey of...

How Do You Find Purpose After Loss? ft. Joely Fisher

Free Episode29 mins

Actress and author Joely Fisher, sister of screen legend Carrie Fisher, shares how she grieved the sudden loss of her sister, and how she found purpose for her own life as a result of that loss. From Hollywood to heartbreak...

Would You Trust a Therapist Who Sees A Therapist? ft. Jay Shetty

Free Episode23 mins

This week’s deep question is “would you trust a therapist who sees a therapist?” In this episode we explore mental health stigma and how it causes many to not seek help. Spiritual guru and bestselling author Jay Shetty will break...

The Sacrifice That Changed My Life ft. Kat Dennings

Free Episode28 mins

This week, I had a high-energy conversation with the wonderful actor Kat Dennings, known for her role in the television show Two Broke Girls (also for: Dollface on Hulu, and the forthcoming film Friendsgiving). She describes an amazing sacrifice her...

How to Recognize If a Space Isn't for You ft. Sophia Bush

Free Episode43 mins

Actor, activist, and my dear friend Sophia Bush brings her amazing self and beautiful storytelling to today’s conversation. She kicks it off with a moving story marked by humility and gratitude, then shares so many inspiring thoughts I want to...

Should You Apologize If You Don't Mean It? ft. Monét X Change

Free Episode29 mins

This week’s deep question is “Should you apologize even if you don’t want to for the purpose of mending family ties?" Drag superstar Monét X Change weighs in on the topic with an amazing and empowering quote. She also shares details on...

How to Talk About Bodies ft. Laith Ashley

Free Episode35 mins

Is it wrong to comment on or give advice to someone about their body? A conversation with acclaimed model and singer Laith Ashley on the lived experience of being a trans man. Plus, listener T.J. reveals methods he uses to...

Never Give Up On Yourself ft. Bobby Berk

Free Episode31 mins

If there is anyone who embodies the power of never giving up on yourself, it’s my dear friend and castmate on Queer Eye, Bobby Berk. Despite having been homeless, poor, and even ending up in jail for not being able to...

How to Heal ft. Tabitha Brown

Free Episode38 mins

“You are enough.” An uplifting conversation with chef and social media influencer Tabitha Brown on how to heal so you can anchor your dreams. Also: tips and inspiration for checking in and tending to your emotional and mental state during...

Faith, Self-Care & Beauty Standards ft. Tan France

Free Episode39 mins

How I Hold Onto a Bigger Vision for Myself ft. Soledad O'Brien

Free Episode30 mins

“Hold onto a bigger vision for yourself” is a tenet that has guided Soledad O’Brien through countless life experiences. The award-winning journalist (and host of the Luminary Original Murder on the Towpath sits down with Karamo to share stories from...

Hiding Your Identity to Please Others ft. Logan Browning

Free Episode30 mins

Should you deny your identity to please friends or family? A conversation with actress Logan Browning (Dear White People). Plus, Karamo talks to a listener about how to manage when feeling stuck between two identities.

How I Stand Tall ft. Drew Dixon

Free Episode33 mins

From a music industry A&R executive to standing tall after sexual assault, Drew shares her inspiring story and experience as a black woman during the #MeToo movement.

Purpose, Love & Changing Paths ft. Jay Shetty

Free Episode37 mins

Talking and growing with Jay Shetty, the world's new spiritual guide. We discuss finding purpose and love, and changing your life path.

Trailer: Karamo Is Back

56 seconds

This season Karamo's endearing warmth brings out the wisdom, laughter, vulnerabilities and strengths of his fascinating guests. Come for the intimacy, stay for the inspiration. These are the conversations you may not even know you needed to hear.

Where Are the People Like Me On Screen? ft. Ryan O'Connell

Free Episode28 mins

For part 2 of our Voices in Visibility mini-series: Ryan O’Connell is an incredibly funny writer. He joins Karamo to discuss making his acting debut and the importance of portraying his life accurately as creator of Netflix’s Special.

What Makes You Feel Seen? ft. Laverne Cox

Free Episode30 mins

For part 1 of our Voices in Visibility mini-series: Karamo welcomes the extraordinary, Laverne Cox, to tell her story. From childhood to career to dating, Laverne walks us through all her struggles and triumphs before answering the question, “What do...

What Makes Us Judgy?

Free Episode21 mins

Sometimes we don’t even have an issue, but criticism from those around us makes it difficult to maintain our relationships. Karamo talks with people forced to defend their choices in order to live their lives on their own terms. 

Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Free Episode27 mins

Are you in a toxic relationship with yourself? Karamo answers callers struggling with self-doubt, procrastination, and internal pressure.

Triumphs, Secret Pain & Comedy ft. Bob Saget

Free Episode17 mins

Funny man and America’s TV dad the late Bob Saget got real as he shared his triumphs, failures, secret pain, and how he used comedy to make it through challenges.

Who Is Your Person? ft. Ian Jordan

Free Episode38 mins

The final episode in this season’s From Us to You series is the I’s. Karamo’s fiance, Ian Jordan, joins to answer questions about the intimate relationships in your life. 

How Do You Get Closure? with Tig Notaro

Free Episode37 mins

Is an apology necessary to receive closure? Comedian and actor Tig Notaro and Karamo explore that question together as Tig also opens up about her own struggles getting closure and helping others do the same during the #MeTooMovement. Plus, a...

Past Relationships: What If?

Free Episode36 mins

Today is about wading through the “what ifs” we consider when thinking about old relationships. Whether or not it’s a relationship you’d desire returning to, our intimate relationships have a lasting effect. Karamo answers callers working their way through it.

What Keeps You Reaching For More? ft. Skylar Astin

Free Episode21 mins

Actor and singer Skylar Astin discusses mapping out your dreams, growing after divorce, and how he acknowledges and avoids toxic masculinity. Skylar share his tools for dealing with life’s challenges so that he can never stop reaching for more. One...

How to Be the Best Friend ft. Ray Auxais

Free Episode36 mins

Friends, this episode is all about your friends. In part two of our From Us to You series, Karamo welcomes his best friend of over twenty years, actor Ray Auxais. Together, they answer your questions about issues between friends.

How Does Rejection Impact You?

Free Episode27 mins

How is rejection affecting your relationship with yourself and others? Whether it’s coming from outside pressure or your own frustration and disappointment, the pain of rejection hits hard. Karamo helps friends fighting their way back to health and happiness.

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? ft. Stephanie Brooks

Free Episode30 mins

Introducing part one of a series on relationships, guest Stephanie Brooks and Karamo tell the story of how their relationship began and grew stronger over time. Together, they answer listener mail from friends having issues with exes and co-workers.

Allyship & Representation ft. Anthony Ramos

Free Episode25 mins

In part two, Karamo speaks with a dad who is learning how to be an ally for the first time, and a daughter tired of her sexuality being used as a punchline. Guest Anthony Ramos from GLAAD visits to discuss...

How Do You Talk About Sexuality With Family? ft. Jason Brown

Free Episode30 mins

In this two-part episode, Karamo welcomes his son, Jason Brown. They break down the definitions of different sexual and gender identity terms. The two discuss sharing their sexuality with family members, and answer calls from listeners dealing with their family’s...

The Impact of Addiction

Free Episode32 mins

It’s not just drugs and alcohol. Karamo talks with callers about their habits and the journey of supporting loved ones in treatment. Family Addiction Specialists, Lin Anderson and Aaron Sternlicht, call Karamo to talk about their unique practice’s approach to...

Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Free Episode21 mins

Karamo speaks to friends working through this myth surrounding selfishness. There are many reasons we put others needs before our own; but sacrificing your health and happiness is not helping anyone.

How Do You Handle Family Conflict? ft. Antoni Porowski

Free Episode28 mins

In part two, Karamo helps people working to overcome conflict with their family members. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, spouses, in-laws, kids - family conflict gets complicated. Karamo helps callers working to find peace within these relationships, and Queer Eye’s Antoni...

How Do You Handle Conflict With Friends? ft. Antoni Porowski

Free Episode28 mins

Friends, we all know the weight from unresolved conflict can bring us down. On this episode, we’ll explore how to deal with conflict in our friendships. Real people call-in with their issues and Karamo sat down with a very special...

Trailer: Introducing Karamo, the Podcast

45 seconds

A super-intimate podcast from Karamo of Queer Eye.

Life After Brain Cancer ft. Emily Tyra

Free Episode32 mins

Actress and star of the hit series “Code Black,” Emily Tyra shares her inspiring story of surviving cancer, and her journey of walking down the aisle to marry her true love only several weeks after life-changing brain surgery. Her story...

How Does Polyamory Work? ft. Judge Lynn Toler

Free Episode40 mins

This week’s discussion is about polyamorous relationships. How do these relationships work and are they healthy—or even legal? “Divorce Court” host Judge Lynn Toler discusses the legal ramifications of this type of relationship, then gets personal about her own love...

How I Overcame Bullying, Addiction & Found Love ft. Jonathan Van Ness

Free Episode27 mins

My friend and “Queer Eye” costar Jonathan Van Ness sparks joy in our lives regularly. In this episode he shares how he overcame bullying and addiction, and became one of the most beloved stars on the planet. The guru of...

Are We Over-Policing Language? ft. Fortune Feimster

Free Episode28 mins

Has policing other people’s language gotten out of control? Comedian Fortune Feimster and Karamo explore that question together in the context of comedy and performance. On the interpersonal front, a listener named Shannon shares her challenges in confronting a friend...

How to Build Confidence & Take More Risks ft. Spencer West

Free Episode34 mins

Motivational speaker, activist, and author (Standing Tall) Spencer West was the first amputee to climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Spencer and I talk about the incredible parenting Spencer experienced, and the values we both share when it comes...

All Things Motherhood ft. Sarah Wayne Callies

Free Episode27 mins

This episode is made of Real. Talk. Sarah Wayne Callies (NBC’s Council of Dads) shares her vulnerability, her wisdom and strength. We discuss the internal and external judgment that comes with motherhood, postpartum depression, adopting a child outside of your race, and...