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A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Speaking with guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the arts, Russell seeks to uncover the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh. On his new podcast ‘Above the Noise’ Russell guides us all—curious beginners, spiritual skeptics, and experienced practitioners—in brief, 10-minute meditations. Listen to Above the Noise on Luminary


Deepak Chopra Deep Meditation

Free Episode111 mins

In this episode Deepak and I discuss the practical side of spirituality. He explains what scientific research has discovered about how a spiritual practice can significantly alter your life. Deepak also gives me a guided meditation. The meditation is in...

Deepak Chopra on Cosmology and Consciousness

Free Episode54 mins

In this week’s "best of" episode, part 1 of 2, Deepak and I chatted about the nature of consciousness, He unloaded his extensive knowledge of the cosmos, described what it means to be embodied, shared his understanding of what a...

On Calming Stress and Anxiety--with Tapping, ft. Nick Ortner

Free Episode80 mins

Best-selling author of The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner is here! He describes the technique known as Tapping, which is a natural healing method that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. .

Nick tells us the science behind Tapping (also known...

Trailer: This is Under The Skin

58 seconds

A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Speaking with guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the...

#76 Truth & Illusions (with Derren Brown)

Free Episode103 mins

Derren and I spoke about stoicism, the psychology of socio-political standpoints, faith healing, how we frame suffering, relationships and...there is a great story about a parrot at the end.

#75 Democracy Is Dead. What Now? (with David Runciman)

Free Episode86 mins

David Runciman is author of "How Democracy Ends" and host of the Talking Politics podcast. We spoke about what the function of democracy is, the significance of the generational divide when voting, the relationship between corporations and government, anarcho-syndacalism &...

#74 Ceremony, Relationships And Communal Living (with Shaman Wendy Mandy)

Free Episode80 mins

For over 30 years Wendy Mandy has been practicing ancient shaman rituals and healing. She was bestowed all her knowledge by Indigenous Tribes in Africa and South America. We talk about how to maintain healthy relationships, the importance of ceremony...

#73 Seeds, Weeds & Intention (with Jay Shetty)

Free Episode74 mins

A podcast with online creator and spiritual storyteller Jay Shetty.

Lessons in daily self care, spiritual practice and positive thinking.

#72 The Tribe VS The Algorithm: Can We Ever Be Free Again? (with Douglas Rushkoff)

Free Episode98 mins

Douglas understands a lot about the intersection between social media and philosophy and the way that our culture and psyche has been influenced by new technology. He’s a fascinating person and I think you’re gonna love it.

#71 Intuition & Mysticism In A Material World (with Theresa Cheung)

Free Episode81 mins

What is precognition? What scientific studies are being done on the psychics, mediums and the mystical? Theresa Cheung author of the "Premonition Code" explains all.

#70 Heal Yourself with The Ice Shaman (with Wim Hof)

Free Episode94 mins

"The cold is your teacher" - our most requested guest Wim Hof graces us with his presence on today's scientific, spiritual and mind altering podcast.

*please do not try any of the breathing techniques described in warm water or swimming pools*

#069 Finding Joy Amidst Fascism & Violence (with Brad Evans & Henry Giroux)

Free Episode103 mins

Today we  discuss power, corruption, revolution and new systems. This is a proper academic episode, you’re gonna learn. Brad & Henry are brilliant thinkers and brilliant educators.

#068 Porn, Sadness & Madness (with Jon Ronson)

Free Episode82 mins

Today's guest is the always intriguing journalist and great storyteller Jon Ronson. Fascinating, open and honest. We talked about his investigative podcasts into the world of pornography, how he fought his way out of depression and the dark world of...

#067 Vulnerability, Progress & Biscuits (with Fearne Cotton)

Free Episode83 mins

Fearne Cotton is on Under The Skin this week talking about mental health, fame and how to grow up. A very lucid, open and thoughtful conversation.

#066 Unlock Your Hidden Power with Ironman (John McAvoy)

Free Episode86 mins

Former armed robber, with two life sentences, tells his story of redemption on today's episode of Under The Skin. 

#065 Beauty, Fat and Capitalist Pigs (with Megan Jayne Crabbe)

Free Episode81 mins

We discuss ideas around body positivity, the way that we relate to food, capitalisms role in how we see ourselves and Megan's journey and recovery out of anorexia. It was a fascinating conversation.

#064 Life Online & Death In Reality (with Laurence Scott)

Free Episode95 mins

We talk about the nature of reality, both virtual, physical and psychological and how these realms intersect and inform us. And what particularly about this time we're living in is difficult and challenging.

Laurence Scott is the author of "The Four-Dimensional...

#063 Being Good Men with The Happy Pear!

Free Episode62 mins

Is it possible to run a business consciously? What does healthy masculinity look like? Stephen & Dave aka The Happy Pear know how it's done, promoting happiness and health in every aspect of life.

#062 Nosh & Socialism (with Jack Monroe)

Free Episode68 mins

You gotta listen to the incomparable scourge of the right and food bank gourmet Jack Monroe on Under The Skin.

#061 Practical Spirituality - More Than Crystals & Candles (with Radhanath Swami)

Free Episode67 mins

Today's podcast is with one of my own mentors and spiritual teachers - Radhanath Swami. An enlightening and pragmatic podcast questioning the role of religion, spirituality and our own place in modern society. Check it out and let us know...

#60 Birth, Feminism & Power (with Katharine Graves)

Free Episode67 mins

Can birth be a form of feminine empowerment? Why did footballer Harry Kane receive so much backlash for praising his wife? Today we go back to the beginning and delve into all things related birth - from combatting fear, the...

#059 Black Revolution & Whiteness Psychosis (with Kehinde Andrews)

Free Episode83 mins

Do you suffer from the psychosis of whiteness? What is the politics of Blackness? These are just some of the questions Kehinde Andrews makes us think about during this episode. Honest questions, brutal truths and solutions that could potentially change...

#058 Populist Revolution - Will It Go Left Or Right? (with Candace Owens)

Free Episode124 mins

An explosive conversation with controversial conservative thinker Candace Owen - a staunch advocate for the free market, capitalism and Donald Trump. Listen to some heated debates about the pros and cons of the left and the right and an attempt...

#057 The Masks We Wear (with Blindboy, The Rubberbandits)

Free Episode69 mins

From identity and mental health to James Joyce and religion, Blindboy from The Rubberbandits enlightens us on today's first live Under The Skin podcast. Recorded in Dublin, Ireland.

#056 Meeting A Mentor (with Tony Robbins)

Free Episode87 mins

Tony Robbins - pain, redemption and reprogramming with the incomparable Elvis/Jesus of Personal Development.

#055 Class & Class War In The Age Of Populism (with Darren McGarvey)

Free Episode92 mins

Darren McGarvey is author of the award winning book "Poverty Safari", he joins us today to discuss the art of social mobility, the politics of poverty and how people from different backgrounds and perspectives can learn to understand one another.

#054 Can Spirituality Save The World From Godless Politics? (with Marianne Williamson)

Free Episode61 mins

Renowned author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson joins me on today's podcast to discuss the current disconnect between spirituality and politics, how to to navigate mental health such as depression and whether a spiritual and political revolution is on its...

#053 Gabor Maté - Damaged Leaders Rule An Addicted World!

Free Episode94 mins

Dr. Gabor Maté a renowned specialist in addiction, childhood trauma and stress joins me on the podcast today. We discuss the many forms addiction can take, how we can cope as damaged people in the world and are we being...

#052 How Loving Extremists Will Defeat Hate (with Deeyah Khan)

Free Episode115 mins

This Deeyah Khan episode is special. She is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has met and confronted Jihadists and members of the KKK in order to understand what drives them. So much insight, bravery and practical love on difficult...

#051 Justice Is Dead. Did It Fall Or Was It Pushed? (with David Rudolf, ‘The Staircase’)

Free Episode87 mins

In this episode I'm joined by David Rudolf - the lawyer who represented Michael Peterson in the hit Netflix series "The Staircase". We spoke about what it's like to defend a person accused of murder, if true justice really exists...

#050 Systems Of The Damned (with Charles Eisenstein)

Free Episode78 mins

On today's episode of Under The Skin I'm joined by author Charles Eisenstein to discuss alternative economic systems, find out what's wrong with the current climate change narrative and how we can actually change the world, challenge the powerful and...

#049 Yuval Noah Harari - Are Our Children AI Slaves?

Free Episode63 mins

Today we welcome back Yuval Noah Harari to Under The Skin where we discuss his new book 21 Lessons For The 21st Century. We tackle the idea of the rise useless class, the power of new A.I. technology and what...

Trailer: Under The Skin Season #2 - Teaser

14 mins

Season #2 of Under The Skin returns. In this teaser you'll hear clips from upcoming episodes with Yuval Noah Harari, Charles Eisenstein, Blindboy from The Rubberbandits and Loki The Rapper aka. Darren McGarvey. We've got some fantastic guests coming up...

#048 Freedom and Tyranny (with Jordan Peterson)

Free Episode94 mins

In this special edition of Under The Skin celebrating the paperback release of my book Recovery - clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson joins me again to discuss the nature of social hierarchies, where power lies and how to live in...

Trailer: Some Exciting News...Season #2: Under The Skin to the bone!

4 mins

The first season of Under The Skin has come to an end. Thank you for listening to and supporting this podcast, it's been a fantastic year with brilliant guests. But don't worry Season #2 will be back on June 2nd...

Is Civilisation Crumbling? with Adam Curtis

Free Episode77 mins

A look back at one of the first and most memorable Under The Skin episodes with filmmaker Adam Curtis about the rise of individualism, where real power lies, and whether we really want change.

Yanis Varoufakis - Euro Power From A Man Who Knows

Free Episode83 mins

One of my favourite guests on Under The Skin and an episode you should definitely listen to is the fascinating interview where I discuss with Yanis what happens when you take on the political, financial and media elite, and how...

(Yuval) Noah’s Arc - What Is The Future For Sapiens?

Free Episode71 mins

With his ever growing popularity I take a look back at my interview with Yuval Noah Harari, author of bestseller ‘Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind’. We discuss how homo sapiens came to dominate the world, how our society is...

#047 Egos and Alcohol (with Ryron & Rener Gracie)

Free Episode76 mins

Brothers and part of jiu jitsu’s most illustrious family, my guests today are Ryron and Rener Gracie who discuss how Brazilian jiu-jitsu has shaped the people they are today; the pressure of continuing their family’s legacy; how UFC (their father’s creation)...

#046 Power vs Kindness (with Jordan Peterson)

Free Episode93 mins

Recently making the headlines after a combative interview about the gender pay gap with Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, my guest today is Jordan Peterson, who discusses with me some of his 12 Rules for Life. 

#045 What’s The Biggest Threat To Freedom? Islam Or Consumerism (with Sam Harris)

Free Episode123 mins

In a bumper 2 hour episode neuroscientist, author and fellow podcaster Sam Harris and I discuss the effects and rationality of religious belief, the illusion of freedom, Western intervention in the Middle East and where true power lies.

#044 Headspace - Could Mass Meditation Change Everything? (with Andy Puddicombe)

Free Episode75 mins

Co-founder and voice of the Headspace app, Andy Puddicombe joins me to discuss his striving to teach meditation and mindfulness within a consumerist society via an interesting journey from the UK to becoming a Tibetan Buddhist monk and training with...

#043 Professor Brian Cox - God, The Universe and Meaning

Free Episode69 mins

The one we’ve been waiting for - the brilliant Professor Brian Cox discusses the possibility of intelligent life other than our own; the danger of dogma within science; and Elon Musk’s space travel plans. As well as the small matters...

#042 Senses & Consciousness - Beyond The 5 Senses Myth (with Prof Barry Smith)

Free Episode81 mins

Professor Barry Smith discusses collaborative research between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists and their discoveries, including how we have many more than the commonly perceived 5 senses.

#041 Shakespeare And Power! (with Professor Tony Howard)

Free Episode74 mins

Is Shakespeare still at the heart of British culture? Tony Howard discusses Shakespeare’s continued relevance in reflecting the shifts in British society; the marginalisation of Black and Asian performers; and how the entertainment sector still faces urgent calls for greater...

#040 How To Be Spiritually Healthy In Damaged Times (with Emma Kenny)

Free Episode53 mins

Psychological therapist Emma Kenny discusses new and forgotten ideas around personal growth, gained from 17 years working with people in crisis including some of the UK’s toughest estates. 

#039 Putin & Trump, Global Gangsters Or Same Old Same Old? (with Luke Harding)

Free Episode55 mins

Author of current New York Times bestseller ‘Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win’ Luke Harding talks me through the international espionage, off-shore banks, mobsters, money laundering and computer hacking at the heart of the web of...

#038 Revolution In The Age Of Anger (with Pankaj Mishra)

Free Episode65 mins

Historian and novelist Pankaj Mishra joins me to talk about what he calls the ‘age of anger’ - a global pandemic of rage - and how the pursuit of progress and individualism has created a demoralised world.

#037 Extreme Survival with Ed Stafford - Is The Toughest Terrain Your Own Mind?

Free Episode63 mins

Survivalist and adventurer Ed Stafford joins me to discuss his life changing expeditions and their physical and mental consequences, the lure of extreme isolation and the importance of meditation.

#036 Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power (with Jacques Peretti)

Free Episode56 mins

Having spent years investigating some of the wealthiest people on the planet, journalist and broadcaster Jacques Peretti joins me to discuss the secret billion dollar deals that we never hear about but which are changing our world and revolutionising everything we...

#035 Ruby Wax - Madness & Meditation. Can We Heal Ourselves?

Free Episode65 mins

The brilliant Ruby Wax joins me to discuss her transition from the world of showbiz to becoming known as a campaigner on mental-health issues and a champion of mindfulness. We discuss her own inner battles with self-esteem and her life-changing...

#034 Science Vs God - Is There A Life Force That Transcends Matter? (with Rupert Sheldrake)

Free Episode65 mins

Dubbed “the most controversial scientist on Earth” Rupert Sheldrake joins me to discuss the dogmas within conventional science, the evolving laws of physics, memory in nature, and how science validates and improves spiritual practices. 

#033 Is Trump Better For Black America Than Barack Obama? (with Kehinde Andrews)

Free Episode72 mins

Author and Professor of Black Studies Kehinde Andrews joins me to discuss Britain’s colonial nostalgia, how the west is built on racism, and that Donald Trump is better for black America than Barack Obama. 

#032 Mental Health Crisis - Is Community The Answer? (with Chirlane McCray)

Free Episode47 mins

First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray joins me to discuss America's mental health crisis, why our society breeds depression, the importance of mental health reform, and her organisation ‘Thrive NYC’. 

#031 Gender Fluidity - Is It Time To Abandon All Labels? (with Mae Martin)

Free Episode62 mins

Comedian Mae Martin joins me to discuss gender fluidity, breaking down barriers and the compelling statistic that 40% of people under 25 don't identify as gay or straight. Plus, we discuss her experiences with addiction and an intriguing obsession with...

#030 Why Won't America Put Down Its Guns? (with Gary Younge)

Free Episode60 mins

In the week of the devastating Las Vegas shooting, author Gary Younge discusses his most recent book “Another Day In The Death Of America” - a harrowing account of children's lives cut short by the ubiquity of gun violence in the US....

#029 Does Even The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? (with Carne Ross)

Free Episode64 mins

This week I'm joined by Carne Ross, a former high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser who lost his faith in western democracy but put his trust in people power and is now putting forward the case for anarchism.

#028 Marxism On The Rise - Can It Really Defeat Capitalism? (with David Harvey)

Free Episode83 mins

The world's leading Marxist thinker joins me to discuss the contradictions at the heart of capitalism, Marxism’s recent rise in popularity, and why it resonates more today than ever. 

#027 Can We Have More Connected Sex?

Free Episode40 mins

Author Isabel Losada joins me to discuss the importance of making our sex life blissful, as well as her experiences at the international conference of clitoral stroking, and learning mystical sensations with tantric masters. 

#026 Is The Solution To Addiction Spiritual Connection? (with Brad Evans)

Free Episode49 mins

Author and friend Professor Brad Evans gets under my skin regarding my new book “Recovery”. We discuss the age of addiction, the ability to be liberated from our unhealthy habits and the overwhelming need for human connection. 

#025 Art And Activism With Billy Bragg

Free Episode74 mins

Billy Bragg joins me to discuss music’s changing cultural role, as well as the charge of being a “champagne socialist”, the importance of Grime, and the challenge of inspiring people to make change. 

#024 Inequality Is Killing Us All. Are We Going To Stop It? (with Jason Hickel)

Free Episode64 mins

Author and anthropologist Jason Hickel joins me to explain how a handful of rich countries have been able to control economic policies in the rest of the world; why we’re being lied to about poverty; and the radical revolution required...

#023 Al Gore - Can We Protect The Planet When It's Not In The Interests Of The Powerful?

Free Episode31 mins

Environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore joins me to discuss his new film “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”, his feelings about Donald Trump, the corruption of big money, and the future for renewable energy. 

#022 Will The Psychedelic Revolution Meaningfully Change The World?

Free Episode75 mins

Dr Robin Carhart-Harris (Head of Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London) discusses unlocking the unconscious, the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic drugs, and why research into their benefits has been shut down for over 40 years. 

#021 Is There Any Point In God? (with Alister McGrath)

Free Episode65 mins

Author, professor, priest and former atheist Alister McGrath and I discuss the rationality of religious belief, the war between science and religion, and whether faith is still destined to play a central role in the 21st century. 

#020 Selfie-Obsession: Can Narcissism Ever Make Us Happy? (with Will Storr)

Free Episode64 mins

Author of “Selfie” Will Storr and I discuss where the ideal of the perfect self came from, why it is so powerful and whether there is any way to break its dangerous spell. 

#019 Frankie Boyle - Is It Possible To Live A Moral Life?

Free Episode70 mins

Frankie Boyle and I discuss media censorship, the virtues of nihilism, and the effects of fatherhood on life as a comedian.

#018 Naomi Klein - Why We Must Kill Our Inner Trump

Free Episode57 mins

As Naomi Klein discusses her new book with me she explains how the groundwork laid by Bill Clinton and Bill Gates led to Donald Trump’s presidency; the political shock tactics being used to force through destructive policies; and how resistance...

#017 Will Spirituality Solve Our Global Problems? (with Sharon Salzberg)

Free Episode70 mins

Leading meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg explains why we find it so hard to be in our own mind, why we have a habit to always go to the negative, and how meditation can transform society. 

#016 Is Philosophy More Important Than Ever? (with Simon Critchley)

Free Episode62 mins

This week philosopher Simon Critchley enlightens us to the roots of philosophy, as well as topics including football as ‘working class ballet’, what constitutes a 'good death’, and the relevance and importance of philosophy in these times.

#015 Yanis Varoufakis - How To Construct A Global Revolution

Free Episode79 mins

In a fascinating interview I discuss with Yanis what happens when you take on the political, financial and media elite, and how radical reform can occur. Through accounts of his confrontations with the IMF, European institutions and the German government...

#014 Election Eve: Is It Stupid To Vote For Peace?

Free Episode61 mins

On the eve of the UK General Election I talk with Stop The War’s Lindsey German and Dr Brad Evans about how violence has been normalised to the point where as voters we’ve not only become desensitised to it, but...

#013 Why Are You Who You Are? (with Raoul & Francesca Martinez & Dr Brad Evans)

Free Episode66 mins

This week’s show asks: What kind of freedom do we have? Are we responsible for our actions? Do we create our own identity and if not, should we question it?

#012 Manchester: Can Terror Ever Be Stopped?

Free Episode56 mins

Dr Brad Evans, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain and I reflect on the tragic events in Manchester and ask how we can break the cycle of violence.

#011 Fascism Or Democracy - Is This Our Last Chance To Choose? (with George Monbiot)

Free Episode59 mins

George Monbiot and I discuss the dark money capturing our politics for the billionaires and corporations; the terrifying power of Big Data; and the opportunity for a new democracy.

#010 Plant Based Diet & Plant Based Consciousness with Simon Amstell

Free Episode63 mins

Comedian Simon Amstell and I discuss his film 'Carnage', how veganism began a journey of personal enlightenment and how taking Ayahuasca changed his life.

#009 Trump, Boris, May - Who's The Best Communicator? (With Prof Sophie Scott)

Free Episode72 mins

Neuroscientist and laughter expert Sophie Scott and I discuss the use of comedy within politics, how the left and the right use language differently, and what communication techniques to look out for in the run up to the UK election.

#008 Snap Election - Is Democracy Busted? (With Dr Brad Evans, of course!)

Free Episode60 mins

Does politics matter? Dr Brad Evans and I discuss the snap UK election, how to reimagine a better future and what real radical politics looks like.

#007 Identity Politics - Where Are They Taking Us? (With Matthew Todd)

Free Episode61 mins

I’m joined by writer Matthew Todd to discuss the crisis of shame facing the LGBT community, the disproportionate link to mental health problems and how taking a lead on trauma recovery could change the world.

#006 Can Humans & Animals United Heal The World? (With Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick)

Free Episode62 mins

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and I discuss the difficulty in overcoming boundaries between human and animal science, Noel’s own groundbreaking work, and the need to understand and harness the love between humans and animals.

#005 Yuval Noah Harari - Is Humanity Finished?

Free Episode71 mins

This week I’m joined by Yuval Noah Harari, author of bestseller ‘Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind’. We discuss how homo sapiens came to dominate the world, how our society is built on fiction, the creation of a class of...

#004 Feminism - Can It Change The World?

Free Episode65 mins

In this week’s show I talk to Professor Anne Phillips about feminism, its perception within society and the cultural shift necessary to create real change and greater equality.

#003 Adam Curtis - Do We Really Want Change?

Free Episode76 mins

This week I speak with filmmaker Adam Curtis about the rise of individualism, where real power lies, and whether we really want change.

#002 Who Are The Slaves Now?

Free Episode62 mins

In this week’s show I talk to Professor Paul Gilroy about the re-emergence of open racism within political rhetoric, the relationship between race and religion, and why we still divide humanity into different identity groups based on skin colour.

#001 Can We Really Stop Terror?

Free Episode80 mins

What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? In this first show I speak with Dr Brad Evans about how the liberation of prejudice and emergence of a politics of hate and division has led to the...


Free Episode2 mins

Inaugural trailer by Russell Brand on what will lie ahead on Under the Skin.